Friday, April 09, 2010

If You Ask Me...

if you ask me, what i would like to do after im done with my masters, this would be my answer :

i wanna stay home, be a good wife to my husband, and be a good mother to my son.

instead of,

a wife who gets angry when her husband comes home late from work (orang nak stadi ni, umar takde sape nak jage blablablabla.)

and a mother who gets angry when her son does not want to go to sleep even though its already 12am (last2 gi turun bawah isi perut, biar umar tido with his ayoh).

so how?

sekarang ni sikit2 nak marah.

aircond tak sejuk pun marah.

arghhhh i hate this!

p/s: lepas tulis entry ni, terus muhasabah diri. pikir2 balik, apasal marah dgn diorg? sbb id like to give my best for my studies. but maybe i just need to accept the fact that, this is the best that i can give right now. n be grateful with what i have.

im just angry becoz theres soo many unsettled work n im getting stuck at one too many places. can i get out of this alive? i guess we'll have to wait n see.

3 weeks!!!

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