Monday, April 05, 2010

my to-do list until 2nd of may

sticky post.

1. empirical methods.
-final exam is 11 days away. stadi!
-1 last homework yg taktau apa lecturer nak. note: mesti tanya klasmate @ doc.

2. sw evaluation
- paper review : baca 2 ketul paper n buat review. n gabung dgn 2groupmembers. submit on 6april
- also stadi for final. 14 days away.

3. sw agent
- protege! tak paham. kene tanye klasmate gak isnin ni. submit b4 final exam.
- stadi for final exam - 16 days away.

4. final project
- i need 8 more respondents. adeeb di mana kao??? hehe.
- analyze the questionnaire.
- report!
- err jumpa sv.

as of now, some of these seem un-do-able. is there such a word? i dont wanna say 'impossible'.

no no i have to stay positive.

we'll see, we'll see.

kalau pun tak boleh grad 1st klas, dapat atas 3.5 pun cukup lah.

setel je hal stadi, the next thing i need to do is,


lepas tu mungkin beg certain ppl for a job.

i need to get my mom to retire.

but with my fresh grad salary, camana nak bantu family?

ok nak kuar makan, bye.

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